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I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks Robin is selfish

Huge disappointment with this show.  HUGE.

Thank you Facebook HIMYM official page, for showing me top voted comments that coincide with my opinion!  Makes me feel hopeful in humanities again.  

Ted and Robin are NOT meant to be.  I do agree Tracy was his love and he “settled” for Robin, not the other way around.  HOWEVER, Robin should have never divorced barney in the first place!!

As a career-focused woman I totally support Robin not giving up her job.  It would be unlike her to become a housewife.  But that doesn’t mean continuing your job as if you don’t have a husband or a marriage.  That doesn’t mean you spend 364 days away from NYC and away from Barney.

Marriages are supposed to change you, for the better hopefully, but you are supposed to be growing WITH THE OTHER PERSON.  The fact that Robin could have taken her job to the next level in a different way than the way she did which resulted in her failed marriage, just makes me want to slap the screenwriters of this show.  

You screenwriters, you make it seem like anyone who is as awesome as Robin (the Robin before the finale), could not even make a marriage work because she’s heavily focused on her career.  You make it seem like for a marriage to work you have to have endless # of kids like Ted/Tracey or Marshall/Lily.

You failed to show the versatility of career women type of characters.  You could have done SO MUCH with Robin’s character after marriage, instead you chose such a shitty way…I HAVE NO IDEA WHY THE FUCK YOU WENT DOWN THAT ROUTE!!!

And worse, you try to make it into BARNEY’S FAULT.  ”Barney” ended it. “Barney” did not want to work it out.  OH COME ON, ROBIN (the finale Robin, the shitty version of Robin) WAS THE ONE WHO DID NOT BOTHER CHANGING A THING AFTER MARRIAGE.  

What’s seen cannot be unseen.  Robin is forever ruined in my mind.  I hate Robin now.  I’ve hated Ted since like…season 4 or something…so great, I can continue to hate him,  them.

And the Barney and his illegitimate child thing….ughh…

fuck i hate this show. WHAT A WASTE OF MY LIFE.


I bid you farewell.

today is the day I bid my friend farewell.  

When you’ve tried your best and the other person just does not appreciate you, move on. :)  It’s not friendship, it’s just parasitic.  When she needed you to point out her flaws, she thanked you for your feedback; when she didn’t need you to point out her hypocrisy, she blamed you on your honesty.

Feelings are cool.  To not be able to feel sucks.  But do not ever abuse that term, and use your pseudo-science or pseudo-psych “feelings” to manipulate others and victimize yourself.  :D  take your bullshit elsewhere. 

in other news, fingerprint dusting is cool as fuck. even if it’s not done by CSI, but Windsor Police. (more on that in person)


Baby donkey makes being an ass look good.
Oh my gosh aww I’m in love
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Baby donkey makes being an ass look good.

Oh my gosh aww I’m in love

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I’m lying on the Moon

My dear, I’ll be there soon

It’s a quiet starry place

Times we’ve swallowed up

In space we’re here a million miles away

There’s things I wish I knew 

There’s no thing I keep from you

It’s a dark and shiny place

But with you, my dear

I’m safe and we’re million miles away 

We’re lying on the Moon

It’s a perfect afternoon

Your shadow follows me all day 

Making sure I’m okay and we’re a millions away

really good movie.  Scarlett Johannson is hot. 


went to Kate’s house today.  lots of fun! hot tub, wine, watching Gray’s

she has this HUGE stuffed animal.  a bear that’s her size.  i was playing with it the whole time xD

wish i have one too, so toopy and i can get a new friend!


Remember what flowers look like? This winter can’t end soon enough.


Remember what flowers look like? This winter can’t end soon enough.

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There is nothing more depressing than day 1 menstrual cramps without ibuprofen, offering advice to friends and got ignored/trumped by other advice, have concerns but no one to share with, and behind on 2 papers writing while also swamped with EC.

fuck the world. 

Patient compliments

"Thank you! You are a doll!" -> to me at the nursing station, in front of my preceptor, and doctors/nurses. BOOYA BITCHES

and two “thank you”s later when i was already bundled up in winter-attire walking alongside my ER med student buddy Jane.  BOOYA I AM SO PROUD